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social practice

Art can be a vehicle for public service, education and engagement.  The works outlined below are a sampling of pieces I created in partnership with various organizations with the intent of having a positive impact on the community.

Open Carry

OPen Carry

Made in collaboration with Bridge Collective   The Plan B in the sculpture is real, and the exhibiting gallery has become a distribution spot for reproductive kits put together by the nonprofit. 

FancyFree_fashion choosing.jpg

Fancy Free

Sponsored by nonprofit ATX Interfaces, this piece is a spontaneous mutual aid sculpture. It is stocked with quality items, wheeled out into the community and things are given out free of charge to anyone who might benefit from them. Emphasis is placed on recipients having agency to make choices from a variety of options. Time is spent chatting with anyone who cares to. It is not meant to replace major services, but rather to meet people where they are and offer support in the moment. 

FancyFree_fashion choosing.jpg
amy and I working on wall from distance.jpg


Commissioned by Austin Art in Public Places and made in partnership with a number of additional organizations. Meander uses a pattern that has roots in several ancient cultures reimagined in the colors from a variety of Pride flags. The small printed portraits found throughout the mural come from two sources. Blended together in harmony are linoblock images produced by citizens of Austin of themselves or loved ones as well as artist produced illustrations of persons from the Queer community who have helped moved forward the cause of equality. 

FancyFree_fashion choosing.jpg

Our unamerica

  This project was sponsored by a Community Initiatives grant, spanned several states, and was created in partnership with multiple organizations. Our Unamerica was designed to help people express their complicated feelings about our country.   Unamerica is a shape which references America but has been modified to fit back into itself like a puzzle piece. In exchange for free art instruction and encouragement participants were asked to decorate both sides of one shape, one with what they felt positive about in our country, and the other with what they found most challenging. Each shape became part of a larger work which has been displayed in several gallery exhibitions. 

drawing class with unam_cropped.JPG
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